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Anna Lee: Memoir of a Career on General Hospital and in Film

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This is my friend, this is not your friend. You studied your dad in a new light, as a subject for the book. I thought I had white girl, boring alcoholism, and that I got close to the edge, and my dad pulled me back by my collar, and nothing that bad happened. And in reporting out this book and thinking about sobriety and my alcoholism, and his alcoholism. Is there a push and pull between being outgoing and being a storyteller, like he was, but sharing this struggle with him, too?

Let me think about that for a second. Now I see it as an inheritance that has been truly magical. I just put down one of the most wonderful biographies I have read in ages. Like everything this dame set out to do, she achieved it with great success. This book is well written and researched. It reads like a novel; fluent and interesting. Cooper's style is polished and refreshing.

She knew her subject personally and you feel her admiration for the star. Cooper weaves a rich story and delves into the actress's heartbreaks, joys and even shock when she was released from her contract by ABC. Through out the book, Cooper never loses the focus of her story. I fell in love with Anna on the screen in her movie "King Solomon's Mines. O'Hara wrote the Foreword for this book.