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We love love love Louise so much. We need to understand adoption, we need to understand that God is good and lavish and kind and generous, and He gives us second chances and third chances and fourth chances. It is really something that I think our nation is really needing right now. I think it speaks to everybody and the way that we think about God.

Give Here is how you can help partner with me in making this dream possible: Sow financially. If you believe in the call on my life and the impact Hold Me Father has had and will continue to have on many people around the world, I would love to invite you to partner with me on this journey by giving towards my crowdfunding campaign. If you would like to donate, you can click on either link below.

PayPal Me! Send Testimonies! Over the years, so many of you have shared powerful testimonies of what God has done in your life through the song. That is by far the best way to help get the message out there because they only push content to the top for visibility and broader reach if it is being shared regularly.

The orchestra recording happened on the 11th June at All Souls Church, Langham Place and it was a truly incredible day.

I had the BEST team of people to make a truly memorable day in every possible way! I have heard some of the tracks and they are sounding EPIC!!!

Hold Me Tight (Audiobook) by Dr. Sue Johnson |

Everything is sounding fabulous! I am still needing to raise money to go towards the cost of the entire recording process. Thank you so much. Name withheld by request A person who attended my final Honours Degree Concert. They are the people who played a signifcant part in helping me get all the various things in place to make HMF possible.

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They are all amazing and I feel so blessed to have had their input, advice, support, help and expertise on this project and I will be forever grateful to each one of them for their kindness and generosity and for helping me make my dream come true. So if you know you were one of the people who helped me with HMF, or gave me a discount, or offered your service free, please do remind me so that I can add you.

Dave Campion Filming, Editing, Recording. Gillyfleur Cheryl Web Design. Lindy Cummings Photography Wiston House. As well as all the people involved in the actual recording when we get there! Your data will be processed according to this Privacy Policy.

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This iframe contains the logic required to handle Ajax powered Gravity Forms. Receive music updates and event news Subscribe to the my Louise Campion mailing lists. Subscribe to the Hold Me Father mailing list. Between how it is and how it should be…. The Story. Martin Luther King had a dream.

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You have a dream. I have a dream. Louise Campion has just produced the most fabulous song. This song needs to be brought to the heart of the nation.

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It needs to be brought to the heart of the world. Hold Me Father is a prayer of dependency, and its one that we need to get out into the public forum that everybody may embrace. Here is how you can help partner with me in making this dream possible:. Sow financially. I still remember the first time I heard this song. I was invited by friends to attend your honours evening at Glenridge. I need to say that being impressed was an understatement! I was totally blown away! The excellence in your presentation both musically and visually was amazing and the effort, time and hard work that went into this event obvious!

Well done! The last three songs had all the audience singing along and for the most part, the surprised look on some of the judges faces was interesting. You have a dynamic and amazing gift and I know that you will fulfill the purpose and destiny that God has for you! You are a blessing and I know that I was tremendously blessed on Wed evening.

I am presently going through a trial sometimes by fire I think and feel , and your song touched my heart big time, and I began to weep as God continued the work He had begun. Louise led worship for us in Moriah Chapel. From the beginning it was moving and tears welled up in my eyes, but just before she played the opening bars to her Hold Me Father song, I felt compelled to move from my seat and kneel in the aisle, as a thick expectancy began to well up inside of my spirit — I could feel something sweet and special was about to happen.

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Face down, it suddenly felt as though angels were rushing into the room from behind me, entering from the front door, coming in to prepare the way for something… or rather, SOMEONE. And then, HE came. It was as though Father God walked right up behind me and put his hand on my back, and began pressing me into the floor. He was there and then gone before I fully realized what had happened. I lost track of time and it seemed the song had only just begun when it was suddenly finished. The words are so beautiful and so true. God is all we need and He carries us through all the rough paths life brings us.

These past five years my husband and I have been through a lot in our marriage. There were days that I would just cry all day not knowing why, but God knew why I had so many tears and how many rolled down my cheeks. I could feel His arms around me carrying me through those days. One last memory.

A last craving. An intimate and happy farewell. One last hug and embrace. Not only does the film focus on the emotional aspect Hannah is facing, but also the legal aspect. Worldwide there are still many countries where euthanasia isn't legal, so these procedures take place illegally. This is also the case with Hannah.

The result is that she has trouble in processing the grief. She has no outlet for her feelings and she can't tell her personal story to anybody.